El 2 de junio de 2014, alumnos del colegio junto al Prof. Andrea Puente participaron del taller realizado por ESU Argentina. A cargo del mismo estuvo Ms Leela Koening, experta en International Public Speaking. El encuentro se llevó a cabo en la Escuela Argentina Modelo. 

 A continuación va la reseña escrita en inglés realizada por el Sr Santos Echezarreta, participante del encuentro.

June, 6th

We left our school at 1 pm to go to the debating and public speaking class organized by the ESU. We were almost the first ones to arrive and the teacher was already there. After the arrival of the rest of the schools, she was introduced to us. She had won an international debating and public speaking tournament.

Minutes later, we started with the first activity. We were given a white sheet of paper with two or three geometric figures which you had to describe to your partner. He was not able to see what you were looking at. Then we swapped roles. The idea was to use our words and see if we really transmitted the message we wanted. 

Afterwards, we were explained another activity which was very similar to the previous one, with the difference that all the students were given just one drawing and had to describe it to a girl who had to draw everything she understood on a white board. 

Both activities were quite interesting. But the most interesting activity was clearly the final “debate” we did after a short break we had. We were divided into proposition, opposition and adjudicators. 

I would like to thank Josefina and the English Department for giving me the possibility to be at both of the activities the ESU offered. They had been really exciting and I feel I have learnt a lot of new strategies and now I have a little more experience and knowledge on Public Speaking.

Santos Echezarreta