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Nivel Inicial - Inglés

Los chicos de 5 años ahora venimos doble turno al jardín, porque todas las mañanas tenemos inglés.
Con Miss May y Miss Agus compartimos juegos y canciones, hacemos trabajitos y nos divertimos en el patio. ¡También tenemos fútbol y baile! Arrancamos con muchas ganas de seguir aprendiendo, y nos estamos diviertiendo mucho... ¡ya les vamos a contar cómo sigue nuestro año!  
We started with English lessons!  
Five years old are coming to school all day long this year, because every morning we have English lessons. 
With Miss May and Miss Agus we share games and songs, we do activities and we have fun at the playground. We also have football and dancing lessons! 
Willing to learn much more, we are having lots of fun... we´ll keep in touch!

Nivel Inicial - Cooking "Piononos" 
Last Thursday, we decided to transform our classroom into a beautiful kitchen! Our recipe: a classic “pionono”. The ingredients that we used were: Ham and cheese, mayonnaise, tomatoes, lettuce, corn, salt and tuna. We also used a knife, a fork and a spoon. We brought our own aprons and used napkins to clean our hands. We all participated in some part of the procedure! We made two tasteful “piononos” and we enjoyed a lot cooking together. After that, we eat the “piononos” in our classroom! We had a TERRIFIC time!!!   Love, Miss May

Nivel Inicial - Fashion Parade
On May 22nd, we organized  with the children a “ Fashion Parade” as a closure for the unit “My clothes”. That day, the  children wore the clothes they had chosen for this special occasion. They described their outfits and had a lot of fun. It was really nice to observe, besides enjoying, how they had learnt the vocabulary and structures taught. We hope you enjoy the pictures!! Love, kisses and hugs, Miss Anita and Miss Mariana

Nivel Inicial  - Summer Craft Sailing in my boat - Miss May
In Kinder 5 we love learning songs, one of them is “Sailing in my boat”. So we decided to make our own boat, recycling an empty cheese pot, and decorating a sail with glace paper. We used paint, glace paper and a wooden stick to hold it to de boat. We had a lot of fun working on this!

Nivel Inicial - Inglés
Decorating with summer objects! While exploring the seasons, we decided to decorate our classroom with summer objects! We divided ourselves into small groups and worked together, with the beach elements: pail, bucket, fish, sand, sun, sun umbrella, beach towel, hat. We had a lot of fun!

A very beautiful visit!
On July 4th, we had a very grateful visit! Veronica Lladhon, Barbie’s mother, came to our Kindergarten! She sang and prepared different games with Disney movies. At first we had to hear the song and guess which movie it was related to. Next, we had to choose the stickers of each movie and paste them on the page. Then we had to listen to another song, and get our friend into a Toy Story-costume! We were very excited, and at the end, it was a tie! What an excellent idea! Thank you very much Vero!!!

Nivel Inicial - Fruit salad
Fruit salad, Yummy Yummy!!! Last week, we decided to transform our classroom into a Kitchen. Each of us had to bring a fruit to School and we prepared a colorful fruit salad. We tasted some fruits that we had never tried! Each of us participated in a different way, washing the fruits, or squeezing them, in the case of the orange juice. At the end we ate the fruit salad, it was really delicious! What a great experience!!

Nivel Inicial - Cooking with Cookie Monster
Due to the fact that we are studying “The house” Unit, we decided to bake some cookies, using the kitchen and its elements. We used the original recipe of Cookie Monster, Big Bird’s best friend. At first, we mixed the flour, the sugar and the butter. Then we added the egg and the vanilla essence. We mixed everything, and gave the cookies the proper shape. Then we placed them in the oven, and waited anxiously! When the cookies were ready, we enjoyed eating them and had a lot of fun! We consider that this is a great way of learning!  Miss Agus and Miss May

Y como trabajamos mucho también queremos mostrar nuestros videos

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Fruit Salad

The day after we went to the Supermarket, we made our own FRUIT SALAD!!! First, we washed our hands. Each one of us participated in one way: washing the fruit, peeling it, and we also tasted those fruits that we had never tried! At the beginning, the salad had just a few colors. As time passed, it was really colorful. Finally, we ate it! And LOVED IT! We enjoyed the experience a lot!!! 

Visit to the Supermarket

We went to the Supermarket, on June 28th. We were so excited with this marvelous activity!!! The aim was to buy the fruits so that the next day we could make a fruit salad. We selected each fruit: red and green apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines, grapes, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, strawberries. We couldn’t find watermelon and cherries because of the season. Later, we weighed the fruits and payed for them.  We enjoyed the activity a lot!!! 

Videos de Ingles - Nivel Inicial