Comunidad de Hermanos


THE   PRIMARY   ENGLISH   PROGRAM   is a seven year English language learning  program  based on the systematic development of skills and strategies.  Young learners will read a wide variety of informational readings , while developing  grammar, listening, speaking and writing skills as well as  acquiring key vocabulary terms. 
Children are encouraged to do critical thinking and they show a lot of enthusiasm towards learning through  conversation and they explore a number of subjects like history, geography, social studies and literature through entertaining stories which has enhanced the reading and oral skills of our students expanding their vocabulary and enabling them to acquire a test for literature. 
In primary , our aim is that students learn English as a second language (ESL) and not as a foreign language (EFL). The program itself is a content based second language learning and language learning strategies are acquired . That is why the students are exposed to learning through an outstanding blend of literature and content. While they are enjoying the exciting pieces of literature they are becoming better readers gaining new skills and polishing old ones. All this promotes language and literacy development.
The language focus section systematically practises the key language areas the students need to develop a good level of the use of English leading to the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

Miss Mary Joe Miss Vivian
(Coordinadoras de Inglés)